Our policies and procedures give us practical guidance to help us to care for people and create a safe and welcoming community and church environment. Our policies and procedures reflect our core values and help us to reflect God's love to each other and to all who come into contact with us.

Safe Church Forms

As part of our Safe Church practices, all incidents or concerns must be reported. All incidents or injuries must be reported through the Incident/Injury Reporting Form, whether or not medical attention is sought. 

If you are concerned for someone's welfare please fill in the Anecdotal Record of Concerns form.  This is to be filled in for every incident or occasion.

If someone wishes to discloses information about abuse or you witness abuse, please complete the Risk of Significant Harm form

Please follow this link for all Safe Church Flow Charts relating to the procedure for any injuries, incidents or concerns.

If a child is in immediate danger, ring 000 and report the situation to the police.


We Are a Safe Church

The church fully supports and follows Safe Church policies. The Safe Church Officer is a point of contact for those who have questions or concerns at The Bridge Church - our Safe Church Officer is Bronwyn Fernando. 

Click here for our Safe Church Training.


External Reporting

If you believe a child to  be in immediate danger, call the police on 000.

If a child is not in immediate danger, you can report to any police station or to a local Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team (SOCIT).

 You can also contact the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing to report any concerns regarding children. 

Child Protection Emergency Services in the West Division call 1300 664 977 during business hours

For after-hours Child Protection Emergency Services call 131 278

To report a case of misconduct, abuse or historical abuse, please contact:

Safe Places Coordinator

Churches of Christ Vic Tas

PO Box 5302, South Melbourne VIC 3205

E: safeplaces@churchesofchrist.org.au

W: www.churchesofchrist.org.au

P:   03 9488 8800 or 0411 255 494 


Click here for information on the National Redress Scheme through the CCVT.


Further Resources:

The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) has a thorough list of organisations that can help with various facets of abuse.